Alumni Testimonials

Your first year of college is scary enough with moving away from home and learning to find your way, not to mention thinking about how to make new friends. My first semester as a freshman at BGSU was just like that, until I was an intro-to-business class and a member of Delta Sigma Pi (who is a great friend of mine now) presented and talked about the different aspects of what this organization can offer: professionalism, opportunities for community service, and brotherhood. Little did I know once I pledged that semester that my whole college experience would be impacted by this decision. Not only did I gain valuable professional experience that helped me land 2 internships before graduating, not only did I participate in community service events that truly made an impact, but I also made some of my best friends for life. The combination of these three pillars is what Delta Sigma Pi is all about, and I would encourage anyone who wants to help themselves grow to join. Thanks to Delta Sigma Pi, I have memories and experiences that I will cherish forever.
Kalyn Osborne
Pledged Fall 2014, Graduated May 2018

Being a freshman at BGSU just like everyone else who is new to the campus I was looking for the best way to make the most of my time. After taking a look at a few different organizations at on-campus that offered to enhance my college experience I came across Delta Sigma Pi. After hearing about what they do both in the community and independently I thought to myself "Wow I could be a part of a large group of like-minded business professionals that together have the ability to make a mark on the campus as well as grow both as an individual and business professional." Just like BGSU, I feel as though joining Delta Sigma Pi provided me with the best value and experience while allowing me to continue my academic aspirations. Not to mention I came out of school with some of the best friends I could have ever asked for and everything that I learned helped me start an awesome career in California right out of school!
Joseph Menard
Pledged Spring 2013

When I entered the College of Business at BGSU, I didn't know how to carry myself in this type of setting. I come from a middle class background where no one in my family ever wears suits, so I felt out of place in this new suit-and-tie environment. I joined DSP to learn how to dress professionally, and to learn how to carry myself in various professional settings. While in DSP, I found the "fashion show" incredibly helpful as it displayed both what to do and what not to do when dressing professionally. Some things could be considered common sense, but there were also little things that I would have never thought of (like matching your watch to your belt buckle). DSP also helped instill confidence by demonstrating situations we might find ourselves in during the job hunt. My first experience in going through multiple rounds of interviews (and panel interviews) was with DSP. Sessions such as resume workshops were helpful as well. 
After graduating from BGSU, I initially worked in the private sector (public accounting at Plante Moran), but have since moved to the international development field (Peace Corps), then entered the nonprofit sector (CorpsAfrica), and finally am transitioning to the governmental sector (FEMA). I feel like DSP helped prepare me for a successful and diverse career. DSP provided me with the professional foundation necessary to be successful in any business setting, and it helped me gain the confidence that I could successfully transition into fields/industries that are new to me. Joining DSP was a great decision as it helped set me on a path towards long-term professional success. 

Nicholas Ruhly 
Spring 2010 Pledge Class 

What sticks out most to me when I think about my experience with Delta Sigma Pi is the vast support network it provided for me while in school. Essentially every class I took in the College of Business, I had a fellow DSP member in it with me to share notes and to prepare for exams and projects with. On top of that, for every class I took in the College of Business I was able to find a brother that had previously taken that class who could give me tips about which professor to choose and could share with me their old study guides. Making it to graduation would have been much tougher without DSP and definitely would have been less fun. No matter what time of day, you could always find a group from DSP gathered in the lounge to connect with. This support system has continued to follow me even after college. I still go to these same people for guidance when editing my resume, when evaluating new companies to work for, when moving to a new city, or when I just need life advice in general. To me, this resource has been absolutely invaluable.  

Kelly Schramm 
Pledged Spring 2007 

I transferred to BGSU in January 2005. I didn't know a single student at BG before transferring and the first week or two of classes left me feeling alone passing others on campus engaging with each other. I saw the posters around the business college inviting students to a Delta Sigma Pi info night, so I went. After I attended that first info night, I knew this was an organization I wanted to be apart of. Delta Sigma Pi not only allowed me to instantly connect with other students, making lifelong friendships, but prepared me professionally for life after college. It was the perfect mix of professional and social. During my time at BGSU, I held many chairs on the executive committee that allowed me to grow my resume by leading a committee and planning events for the organization. I'm forever grateful for my experience, and for the connections I still have through Delta Sigma Pi.  
Becky (Call)  Turnow 
Pledged Spring 2005 

When I was a student at BG, Delta Sigma Pi gave me the real-world experience that the classroom couldn’t give me and really prepared me for a career – not just a job. That’s what I was looking for when I joined. But being a part of DSP didn’t just teach me how to write a good cover letter. I did learn how to write a mean cover letter, but I also developed leadership skills needed to advance in my career and being a part of DSP allowed me to be part of a community. Pledging DSP was the best decision I made in college! 

Jessica (Hayes) Flores 
Pledged Fall 1998 


What Sets Delta Sigma Pi Apart?

What ultimately sets Delta Sigma Pi apart is our consistent structure of professional and personal development, and our lifelong commitment to supporting our members and maximizing their impact in the world. As a Deltasig, you’ll have access to events, conferences, resources, and connections to build your professional skills, leadership abilities, management potential, and character.